Day 14, Cape Chin North to Lindsay RD 40

Our day started out crisp and bright.  When we left the B and B, the temperature was about 17-18 C with a lovely wind.  Cars were positioned, and we were ready to get started!

The trail started out rooty and rocky, a definite shade of things to come!  But to our relief, after a few 100 yards we hit a roadside  trail and walked along this for about 1 km.

Then back into the woods with very rocky uneven ground.  Made all the more exciting because we were also skirting the escarpment!

But who can complain when those worn and tired rocks become things of beauty, like the “Devil’s Pulpit”!

We are finding that as get get closer to the National Park, and special phenomenon such as this, there is a horde ( well maybe 10-12 in small groups) that all want to hike in and see these.  We met one such family who had just parked their car by a roadside access point, and when I saw the 7 yr old girl starting up the path in flip flops, I looked at her mom and asked if she had any other footwear… Sure enough, some full back Merrill sandles were in the car, ready to be retrieved!  I’m sure they all enjoyed the hike a little more.

The path continued to be more challenging than yesterday…

And of course the day was filled with more interesting sites.  Check out this little cave, and the invasion of roots that have taken over!

Sometimes we had to walk along rock ridges than seemed to be the petrified back of a giant serpent!

But always, the views were worth it!

We soon found a pleasant spot for lunch…

And even it had a view!!

As we walked along we found the Michiganders Arch.  

I don’t think I’ve seen anything come as close to “the moon door” ( sorry, another Game of Thrones reference) as this.  When you combine it with otherworldly forests with root systems that reach throughout the earth, I swear George R R Martin has spent time here!

As we walked along this part of the trail, there were a couple of plaques indicating donated land from both the Lillie family and the Dyers Bay Land Association of Ann Arbor Michigan.  I just want to add my personal thanks for their extraordinary donation so that generations to come may enjoy this wonderful part of the trek!

The trail continued by the community of Dyers Bay, through more rocky terrain…

And then ended our walk through the juniper flats!

All in all, the day was a little longer, a little harder and a little more hilly than the day before, but the cooler temps and the wonderful breeze made it an excellent day nonetheless!  

Home we went, into the showers and then off for supper with our hostess!  We lucked out!  The fish and chip place “Lone Wolf” was open, and we had a delectable meal of fresh Georgian Bay Whitefish, and chips!

After we waddled back to our car, we were off for home to get things ready for an early morning departure….. And perhaps a little relaxation as well!

Tomorrow, Glenn and Gwen are meeting us for our final kms to the end of the trail.  We’ve been blessed to have friends start us off, join us in the middle and then see us through to the end!  It’s been both great company and great support!

As we head into the long weekend, we are expecting to see a lot more people on the trail ( coupled with the fact that we will be hiking the last 4o km or so through a national park that is fully booked for the weekend!). G and G are both early risers, so I expect we’ll be hitting the park before half the hikers will be out of bed!!!  

Looking forward to keeping you update to date with our progress once again!  ( let’s hope the wifi in our last place is as good as this!) Until tomorrow!!!

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. You have certainly been lucky with the weather. I hope that I shall equally be lucky when I set off next week too.


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