Day 37: Buenos Aires – Toronto

After a spectacular evening with friends at Don Julio ( purportedly one of the finest Parrilla Grills in the city!) you would think that we would take a leisurely morning to get ourselves ready to head back hone….well, you’d be wrong!  Dan and I did most of our packing last night then got up early to finish it off, grab a quick coffee and some left over cheese and crackers for a quick bite, then checkout and then… hit a city tour that would take us the morning!

We began our tour at the main square in Buenos Aires, right in front of the Pink Palace. (Office of the president and some of his cabinet)

We drove through many different neighborhoods seeing the sites that made them famous, and listening to the stories of their rise and fall… and sometimes rebirth!  AS we travelled north, we visited the Boca barrio or district.  This is very well know for it’s colourful homes that were originally made out of shipping materials, and painted with left over paints from the ships (La Boca was the original port for the city).  A small street or two has been gentrified and is the number one tourist destination in this city.

All in all a very interesting visit with some of the original houses still in tack…although slightly faded.

When we were in the district we were treated to an amazing sculpture.  Zoom in and see what it’s made from!

As we were driving along, we passed an underpass under a highway.  When the construction was being done a few years ago, they discovered a former detention centre of  the past hunta regime.  They decided to halt the excavation and put a memorial in site, identifying and memorializing all the people that they could who suffered under this repressive regime.

We continued north through embassy row, admiring the European styl;e of architecture that had been adopted by this city during the turn of the 19th century.  Some modern twists were also present!

Our tour ended where Dan and I had been just the day before, in the Ricoleta Cemetary!

The bus dropped us back at our hotel around 12:30….just in time for a quick bite before we headed off to the airport.  We found a funky little place just around the corner called “Chicken Brothers”.  It was run by a couple of guys from just outside of Washington DC…and they made the best chicken burgers I’ve ever tasted!!

Apparently, the night before they hosted a massive Thanksgiving feast…would have been hopping!!

Well, lunch was done and then off to the airport we went.  A fairly uneventful drive, we managed to get checked in and through to a lovely wine bar to celebrate our trip.  One last glass of “domestic” Malbec…..mmmm delicious!  Coupled with fabulous wifi, I can actually publish this page before we get home!!

Well everyone, until our next trip!  Looking forward to chatting to you all again soon!!

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  1. Drat, now your trip is over I’ve got one less thing to look forward to each day! I’ve enjoyed reading about it. A truly memorable trip. Have a safe trip home. 🐻🤗😘


  2. Well a great finish to a fabulous trip! See you early a.m. at the airport. G&G


  3. blue skies and safe journey on the flight ! hope you plan on doing a presentation for us at church….


  4. It has been such fun following all of your fabulous adventures. I admire you both for challenging yourselves physically, mentally and I’m sure spiritually. Congratulations on completing your trip-wow is allI can see. Xo Margie


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