Paddling the Rideau Canal – World Heritage Site

On August 7th,Dan and I will strike out on our next adventure, Paddling the Rideau Canal from Kingston to Ottawa, Ontario. This will be a trip of only paddling, and very little hiking (unless going into town for provisions counts!). Total distance to be paddled is between 180-200 km, over 8-9 days and through or around 38-45 locks!

Our starting point will only be 70-80 km from our home. Interesting that one often leaves exploration of their own backyard in lieu of traveling much farther afield! Well I guess it’s time to explore this waterway that has been so much of my childhood!

Not sure what wifi will be like along the route, so may be publishing a little less often than daily! Until the 7th ( or later!!)

Categories: Paddling the Rideau Canal - A World Heritage Site


  1. Wow! Buen Camino for your next adventure then!🐻🛶


  2. It all sounds like yet another wild and wildly funadv nature. Can’t wait to follow along.


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