Day 2, Rideau Canal Brass Point Bridge to Jones Falls lock

After a good nights sleep ( rest is a better way to put it as the first night sleeping in a tent is always a little fitful for me), we got up and made breakfast and broke camp to begin our journey.

As we were breaking camp, Dan met up with the owner Scott. We had decided to put our fee along with a note in the cash box, and when Scott found it he came running over to tell us that as canoers we did not need to pay! He offers his campground to any paddler doing the Rideau! Well this was such a pleasant surprise that, in spite of Scott’s generosity we offered it for the children’s activities at the camp…Scott was very thankful!

As we approached Brass Point Bridge we thought we’d take a photo of our alternative campground… I think you’ll agree, we chose well.

Our paddle today was all waterway, with a planned overnight at Jones Falls. The weather was supposed to be rainy later in the day so we stuck to our shorter paddle day in order to get camp setup before the rain!

An easy paddle with some beautiful meandering waterways!

We were greeted by friendly loons at many of the bays that we passed.

We even paddled by Rock Dunder and it’s mate! We’ve done the hike many times, but this was the first time we had a view from the water.

Shortly after our detour to view Rock Dunder we came to Jones Falls. This would be our longest portage with an up hill elevation of over 50 metres. Dan decided to make the portage even longer with another 30 meter climb and then back down again to rejoin the gravel road up! This Falls has a total of 4 locks, and it takes about an hour to lock through them all. The large cruisers were waiting to enter, and when they asked us why we were not using the locks ( they thought maybe we wouldn’t be allowed!) we said simply that it was much faster!

We managed to get our gear up to the top, our tent set up and lunch served ( with a glass of lovely cab sauv I might add!) before the boaters questioning our wisdom finally made it to the top lock!

When we spoke with one of the lock workers he indicated that a tour boat would be coming through today. The Kawartha Vogaguer was build just for this purpose with a bow that folds up, this three storey boat JUST fit the locks!)

It was truly a site to see this ship lock through! This ship only does this route a few times a year, so we were particularly blessed!

I’m afraid the folks on the waiting boats had mixed feelings about it as they had up to a 3 hour wait before they could lock through. I guess that’s what they call a traffic jam on the Rideau!

After the big show, Dan and I had a siesta while it poured rain! Talk about great timing!!

The other great thing about this location was 3 fold – and ice cream shop, a restaurant where we had someone else make us supper, and the oldest arch dam in Canada built in 1827!

After all our sightseeing was done, and our bellies filled it was time to toast the day with a special reserve Macallans whisky… we don’t rough it entirely!!

Here’s to another great day on the Rideau!

Categories: Paddling the Rideau Canal - A World Heritage Site


  1. Loons and Rock Dunder ❤️


  2. I like your style…a little bit of roughing it in the bush ( on the waterway ) followed by wine, a siesta and scotch !


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