Day 3: Rideau Canal System, Jones Falls to Newboro Locks

When we went to bed last night things were still soaked from the downpour ( outside the tent, that is). We had intended to hit the trail early today, not stopping to make our coffee and oatmeal, but we woke up to glorious sunshine and decided to stay an extra hour and a half and let the sun dry out our stuff while we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with a spectacular view!

With our tent, towels, poncho and bathing suits all dry, we packed up and headed out just as the first boats of the day were half way up the 4 lock system.

The day was glorious as we paddled up the narrow channel that would lead us into Sand Lake.

At the end of this channel we turned and skirted the southern end of Sand Lake until we got to Davis Lock.

A quick portage around this single lock and we were ready to hit Opinicon Lake. Of course, we had to stop at the Lodge for lunch. It was BOOMING with people!! What an amazing lunch we had starting with a kale Caesar ( gotta get some greens!) and then I had a lemon chicken and smoked duck pizza and Dan had the best burger and fries he’s tasted in a long time!

After a fabulous lunch we hit the trail again with our portage around Chaffeys Locks. Busy, busy, busy!

Once through these set of locks we paddled through a couple of smaller lakes until we came to Newboro Lake, and our destination, Stirling Lodge! Yes we succumbed to a night of comfort at this historic lodge!

When we got to the dock Aden met us and said we could store our paddles, life jackets and food bags in the lakeside building. He was a real lifesaver when he also volunteered to drive our gear up to the lodge!

We checked into the lodge and raced for the shower! Once we felt human again we took a little walk around the village, then back to the lodge.

Sure beats the tent! Anyway, back at the Lodge our new best friend and bartender, Brian has made us the best Caesar’s ever!!!

and no, neither Dan nor I were king for the day! We’d have to fish for that!!!

After our delectable Caesars we headed in for our lodge dinner. After dinner we ordered our lunch to go for tomorrow. Yup, at this lodge dinner breakfast and lunch are included in the room rate! Yum is all I can say! A quick visit back with Brian and then off to our rooms we went.

Looking forward to a comfy evening and then hit the lakes with renewed energy tomorrow. We tackle big Rideau lake tomorrow… it’s large and can be windy, and of course we get to contend with the big cruisers and house boat wakes as well… could be our biggest challenge yet!

Tomorrow we head for a wilderness campsite at Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. No wifi, but will catch up the next day when we hit Smiths Falls! In the meantime, keep your powder dry!

Categories: Paddling the Rideau Canal - A World Heritage Site


  1. Pat. I am sorry we missed you on Sand Lake. Looks like the weather will be in your favour over the weekend. We have Dave’s brother and sisters in law visiting for the weekend. We are heading to the Opinicon tomorrow in the boat. Isn’t it great to see the place so busy? It has totally revived the area. You won’t believe this, but Jane and her partner Shay just moved into a house on Alton Ave in Leslieville. #35. Our kids are neighbour’s! What a great trip you are having!


  2. I really enjoy Dan‘s serious look every time he’s in the canoe. 🙂


  3. nice to see Opinicon from the water…one of my fav places…we have stayed at Stirling Lodge while doing Rideau trips. did you fight temptation and avoid Kilborn’s Shoes right there ?


  4. The lodge sounds wonderful; so sorry we could not join you on this trip!


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