Algonquin Adventure, Day 2

Our first night’s temperature dropped like a stone throughout the night reaching a low of close to 6C! Most of us had warm enough clothing to withstand the night’s cold, but Petar had a pretty uncomfortable night and was up for his morning coffee with Glenn. Being an early morning riser, I was not far behind!

With the warmth of the hot coffee thawing our bones, we took in the marvel of the morning. With such a cold evening, and the lake so warm, an incredible mist was formed.

Not only did we see the beauty of this burn off, but as we walked about with our coffee we saw some amazing creations of dewy spider webs! Check out the second photo…it looks like a chandelier!

With the cold driven from us, it was time for our breakfast. Dan’s famous Kajgana! ( which is scrambled eggs with smoked sausage, onions and peppers…and anything else that might find it way into his creation!). Always a camping favourite!

Our plans for the day were pretty loose. 6 of our party had travelled from Toronto on Wed, and were in late. With an early morning departure to the park, a well deserved rest day was in order! But first, the dishes must be done!! Not the fanciest, nor most convenient of dishwahers, but it works!!

We lulled by the shore watching the minnows dart about…

The guys went out in search of fire wood…which was hauled back and had to be cut! I did a little painting…

and we even found good use for the 4 hammocks that we had brought!

And even a little fishing by Petar and Nick!

One thing I haven’t mentioned is the al fresco washroom facilities that you find in Algonquin Park. While the men are equipped to pee just about anywhere, when it comes to those who need to sit, there’s the “box”. A deep hole is dug in the woods where a lidded wooden box, seat high is placed. It’s situated quite far from the campsite, so we always left the TP ( in a zip lock water proof bag) at an obvious place in the campsite so that if it was gone you knew the box was in use! A system that has certainly stood the test of time!!

The other truly interesting thing for us was watching a family of loons that must have had a nest in the bay next to us. Each morning at around 6 am they would swim out to the other end of the lake, then come back around 3-4. We saw the parents fishing and feeding the young, and we even saw the first attempt at flight school for one of the babies! About 6 flaps across the surface of the water, and then a face plant which ended up in an extended dive! The parents went crazy with calls until the little one resurfaced!

Lunch was a self serve meal of tuna sandwiches after which we did more of the same!

It’s just so wonderful to just “be” when you are in an idyllic place. It was certainly restorative for all!

By late afternoon, it was time to start the fire once again to get hot enough coals for our evening meal. Tonight was Chicken Souvlaki, green beans, quinoa and lentils, a fresh Greek salad and of course, wine!

Dan sure need a lot of supervision, but it was worth the wait!

The evening was lovely… a touch warmer than the night before, but we all huddled by the fire to enjoy some Madlibs before the light left us! Hilarious fun, good wine and great friends made for a wonderful evening!

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