Algonquin Adventure Day 3

We woke up to a slightly warmer morning than the day before. Today was forecast to be the warmest of our trip, so we decided that we would pack a lunch and head over to High Falls to enjoy the afternoon of hiking and water park fun!

The mist rolling across the lake in the morning is absolutely intriguing. The scene would change every few minutes. It was just sop lovely to watch this as we enjoyed our morning drinks.

The mists soon burned off and it looked to be a perfect day for exploring!

After a hearty breakfast of back bacon on a bun, we set about to get organized for our trip. This would take us across 2 portages and then a long hike to the top of the falls. A perfect opportunity for our newest members to try their hand at solo portaging a canoe, and in turn, be eligible for the evening scotching in ceremony to celebrate this right of passage!

First to carry the canoe was Nick. He and Petar had been sharing a shorter canoe (14 ft).

The next person to don the Canoe was Alex ( Alexandra). The portage was a 350 M portage, not a long one by Algonquin standards, but a significant one nonetheless. The path was somewhat winding and there were moderate ups and downs that had to be contented with along with tree roots and rocks. Alex carried Glenn’s canoe which was 16 ft, but had a padded yoke. ( it will still make you want to cry!!)

The last brave soul to try the solo portage was Amanda. Talk about baptism by fire! This poor woman (Pete’s partner… but that’s not why she’s a poor woman!!!) came into the heart of the wilderness for the first time, endured sleeping on the ground, washing dishes in the lake and using the “box”! And after all that, we tell her she has to carry a canoe! Well tough it through she did!!!

At the end of this very successful portage we heading along High Falls Lake to the end where we “parked” the canoes and headed off through the woods to the top of High Falls ( about 1,000 M hike all in all).

About 3/4 along our route we caught a glimpse from the bottom of the Falls. Just beautiful!

Once we reached our final destination at the top of the falls, it was time to have lunch and then do some swimming and exploring!

As you can see, it’s a pretty popular spot. Especially when you know you need to drive 2 hours north of Ottawa and then canoe a couple fo lakes and like in! Well worth it!!

After enjoying the swimming and sunshine we decided to head home. Those fires weren’t going to light themselves, and we needed hot colas again for cooking. Tonight’s supper was Filet Mignon with Caesar salad and fresh green beans. The appetizer was Pate de foie gras with crackers and fresh veggies…not too shabby!

As the fire was started we all enjoyed a glorious late afternoon sun!

(Oh and the chairs don’t usually come along…short portages mean a little more weight can accompany us, including ample wine for our 4 meals!!)

Dan once again looked after BBQing! While Petar kept the flames raging with a most interesting technique! ( and no, Dan’s watering mouth did not interfere with his cooking!)

With dinner complete, dishes done and everyone well lubricated with wine and whatever other libation they cose to bring it was time for the scotching in ceremony. Three inductees meant three officiants, so Dan, Glenn and Petar were the leaders of this pack tonight! Secrets shared and scotch duly sipped, we welcomed in our newest inductees!!!

Well it was another wonderful day closed out with a spectacular sunset and ceremony!

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