Algonquin Adventure Days 4 and 5

So nice to have lovely weather last evening for our celebrations…but as we were drifting in and out of sleep, the sound of thunder could be heard in the distance! Sure enough, we were treated with a thunderstorm in the night!

When we got up, things were still pretty wet. Nick and Alex had suffered a bit of a leak in their tent, so ended up sleeping on one side of the tent (and in these small backcountry tents, that means you’re sharing about a 3 foot width between the two of you!

The morning cleared enough for us to get our coffees into us, and then cook up the blueberry pancakes that were planned for breakfast. The clouds seemed to slowly burn off, but there was the odd dry spot to sit and enjoy your morning rituals.

We decided to stay close to camp this day as it looked like the weather was changeable and we didn’t walk to get caught over in the Baron Canyon in a heavy rain! No hardship when you can look out on this lovely lake and watch the “locals” do their thing!

Another lazy day was spent reading, napping, fishing and talking. Just perfect! As we prepared our lunch, a wee rain cloud moved in and encouraged us all to get up close and personal under the tarp! Good thing we all enjoyed each other’s company so much… AND good thing Glenn brought his extra large tarp!!!

When the rain stopped we decided to go for a swim and there was even an opportunity for Pete to demonstrate the side slide that Dan tried to do getting into the canoe the previous day!

Lots of fun was had in spite of the weather!

When evening came, the fire was once again lit for the last time on this trip! Tonight was grilled smoked sausages, baked beans and celery and carrots. Another delish dinner facilitated with Dan’s grilling!

With the main course over, it was time to cook up some dessert! And yes, S’mores were the order of the evening!

As we sat around the campfire Alex asked us to each declare our rose and thorn of the trip ( Best and worst!). The worst ran anywhere from “the box” to the pain of the portage to leaky tents etc… the best far outshone the worst… successful portage, being with friends and family, food, the campsite and on and on! What a wonderful exercise to engage everyone at the end! Thank you Alex for suggesting it!

Also, while I’m on the thank you trail, I’d like to give a shout out to Amanda as well as the amazing photographer Glenn who shared their photos and allowed me to publish these in this blog!!!

As we close out our final day, we again got to enjoy a spectacular sunset!

What a gift to end out our last night!

Day 5

Remember that gift I spoke about the previous evening??? There wasn’t too much red in those skies, so safe to say the next morning was not a sailor’s delight! At about 5:30 am, I heard some distance and persistent rumbling. I though at first that it was the Petawawa base not too far away, but as it got closer the slow and persistent drop drop drop on our tent roof told me a storm was coming! Sure enough within about 10 minutes we were entertained by a huge storm that seemed to come at us from all directions! Fortunately, it blew over as fast as it came.

Around 7 ish, I headed outside to see what the damage was, and discovered all was fine. As a matter of fact, after the previous storm, Nick had tightened up the fly sheet over their tent and they didn’t get any water in this time!!!

Quick coffee’s were had, and everyone made up their instant oatmeal, granola and dried fruit for their breakfast. The few last oranges were eaten and then came the deconstruction of our home for the last 4 days!

Everyone packed up, the weather cleared enough for us to get our gear into our packs and we began the journey home.

We bid farewell to one of the best campsites that I have stayed at, even counting the ubiquitous critters!!

We canoed over to the first portage and got our gear to the other end…

And then onto the last lake (Brigham Lake) and back to the starting point of our trip and the parking lot.

From here we headed to the Irving Big Stop for a feed of foods we had missed, including the ice in our drinks!

What a great adventure! Looking forward to our next, and hope that our group will be as much fun, as easy going and as hard working as this wonderful group of campers!

Until Next time!

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