Day 3, Aysgarth Falls, Bolton Castle Walk

We decided to wake early this am as we wanted to get a good walk in before the forecasted rain was to start. Today, we were heading off to Aysgarth Falls, and along the Ure river then through fields enroute to Bolton Castle. Our plan was to walk a circle route which would return us to our car through higher country fields and woodland.

Sandra arrived by 8 am and we packed our lunches into our packs and ourselves into the car!

Our start was at the car park at Aysgarth Falls. From there headed to the viewing point of the lower falls. What a lovely start to a beautiful day!

We had a few opportunities to view the lower falls before moving to higher ground and walking through fields filled with lambs and their moms.

Our paths took across many fields and private lands. The rules are you must stick to the path, do not “worry” the sheep – (sheep worrying is a chargeable offense) and to cross the fences at the gates and openings provided. These proved to be a challenge for the fit and hardy…pity those poor souls with hip or knee replacements!!

In one field we came across a male pheasant who was rather perturbed that we were disturbing him. When he couldn’t penetrate the hedgerow to get away ( we were never closer than 10 metres) he flew off in a tizzy!

Over several more walls and through many green pastures, and we finally came within site of Bolton Castle.

This was a refuge for Mary Queen of Scots for 6 months after fleeing Scotland. Of course we all know the story that she soon after became a guest of Queen Elizabeth I.

This castle was state of the art at the time. With a great hall, large bedchambers for both the lord and lady of the manor complete with en-suite ( ok maybe just a loo cubby) huge keep that overlooked the entire valley and so many other attributes it’s too bad that the Lord often fell on the wrong side of history. Now, it’s but a shadow of it’s former self!

They have managed to salvage parts of the castle and Dan, Sandra and I opted to tour this site. Both bedchambers, the nursery, the Solarium, and a hall were still intact. They have even restored the gardens and have an active falconry program not he grounds. Below you can see a picture of Glenn Gwen touring the a”maz’ing gardens!

Even a creative soul was able to carve a formidable dragon from a fallen tree with a chainsaw!

By the time we were finished with our tour, the clouds were starting to gather. We decided to pick up the pace and try to at least get to the WheatSheaf Inn and take some protection it needed ( yes the very one that James Herriot honeymooned at in 1941!)

As we approached the inn, the rain drops started to lightly rain down. Looking at the sky, we would be in for a long rain, so we walked the extra km back to the car, had our lunch under cover there and then headed back to the WheatSheaf for an isotonic drink! A great walk all round!

Tomorrow promises to be a rainy day, so our adventures will take us to indoor activities in York. We bid farewell to the green pastures and treacherous crossings for another day!

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  1. Great pics again !


    • I know, right? It was an amazing discovery as all that faced us in our direction of walk were the spines at the top of the trunk. Originally I thought the farmer carved these to keep his sheep off, but as I stared on the way by, the full dragon was exposed!!


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