Day 4 – York Adventure

Our weather today was forecast to be rain. The group consensus was to have a “indoor” day exploring the city of York. We had a bit of a sleep in, and then up and ready for our breakfast. Dan made his world famous Kajgana, and everyone felt the energy lift them for the day…but of course there is always the mandatory catch-up in the morning!

We piled into the car, and off to York we went. Everybody was ready for a great city adventure …but perhaps the morning cooking tired or one of our party!

Our first stop was the railway museum in York…actually the shop was more the destination!

After that we headed off to the Minster ( a church who’s purpose was in ministry). The Yorkminster Cathedral was the seat of the “northern” Archbishop, purportedly established as an equal to the Archbishop of Canterbury, but proximity influence prevailed, and the Canterbury counterpart became the highest post.

But I digress….

On the way to the cathedral we ran across one (of many of the day) “hen parties”. Most entertaining to see then weaving through the tourists and locals as they indulged in their fun!

When we arrived at the cathedral we took the time to indulge in the cathedral tour and our guide was most informative, and entertaining! We learned about St William and his (somewhat) miracles to earn his reputation. But what was this cathedral to do …Canterbury was the murder location of Thomas Becket, and was attracting all kinds of visitors…York needed their own “relic”. We also learned that after the fire in the 1800’s, the relief of the birth of Jesus was destroyed, and rebuilt during the Victorian era. Only this time, the nursing mother was feeding Jesus with a bottle!! Anyway, lots of beauty in this cathedral.

We also learned of an amazing restoration (21M GBP) of the alter window. Truly amazing restoration!

Our final room was the Charter house. Certainly one of the most beautiful that we have seen.

After the Cathedral we were treated for lunch at Guy Faulks Inn. Delish!! Once lunch was finished we were off to the York City Gallery, and I was most excited to see a three room exhibit of Ruskin, Turner and the Storm Cloud! (Watercolours and drawings). What a lovely and education exhibit in an excellent gallery.

From there, we decided to head back into the old city for a tea before we head home.

We managed to find our way out of the medical maze of a town and back to our car park. From there, a quick ride back to Richmond via a Tesco stop for supper ingredients, and then home for an isotonic drink, supper, and a well deserved evening of relaxation. Tomorrow a double walk day starting with the Fountains Abbey Route. Early to bed as we may do a double walk tomorrow! See you all then!

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  1. Gorgeous cathedral….


  2. I’m pretty sure Dan was just thinking about solving the world’s most complex problems or the upcoming Blue Jay’s season – and not napping.


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