Day 7, 8 and 9

Day 7: Coastal Walk from Robin Hoods Bay

We chose and early start again as we had quite the drive east to the coast where we would begin our walk. Sandra was there to meet us and we were ready to begin our travel. Today would take us across the Yorkshire Moors National Park to Whitby, then south to Robin hood’s bay where we would begin our circular route.

The morning was quite foggy, and left dramatic scenes on the moors. What we found interesting was the yellow reflective haze off the canola fields. I must say, I have never experienced that before!

Our drive wound around the moors with some spectacular barren vistas.

We soon came to the coastal town of Whitby…a very pretty town with a lovely harbour…but that not what this story is about! On we move to Robin Hood’s Bay and the beginning of our walk. After parking the car in the town lot, we headed down a short town street to join up with our coastal path.

The path soon opened up to trace along grazing lands sitting close to the cliff edge. Our first full view of Robin Hood’s Bay was open us!

On we went by the edge of the sea with blooming gorse bushes serving as a backdrop.

The path wound around the sea’s edge until we took our turn at an incredible outlook!

Our path back to the village was along an old railway bed. Relatively flat for a change.

We did manage to find a picnic table along the way and decided to stop for our lunch. Once refreshed we were on our way to finish our hike and head into the old town of Robin Hood’s Bay.

(And yes, black sheep have black lambs!)

As you can tell by the height of the cliffs, the walk down into the old village was a long and steep descent.

Fortunately we found an ice cream shop where Sandra treated us all to a lovely Yorkshire dairy Ice Cream!

Once at the bottom, we discovered that we were at the end of the coast to coast walk! We even met up with a chap who was just finishing the 15 day walk. Lots of fun stories! Here is a picture of our hosts Glenn and Gwen enjoying the sea breeze!

Now time for our return to the top of the bluff and to our car.

It was still early, and such a fine day that the group indulged me to drive further south along the coast through Scarborough and onto Bridlington and David Hockney’s home base. It is from here that Hockney does much of his paintings of the East Yorkshire Dales. Unfortunately, we discovered that Bridlington looked like David Hockney had sucked all the energy out of it and used it all in his paintings. A planned pub stop was aborted!

It was high time to head home! We cut through some back roads to intersect with Helmsley and Thirsk enroute to our home base. Just past Malton, we heard some flapping of a tire, and sure enough we had a flat! Glenn pulled the car over and called the emergency number, and we occupied ourselves for the hour that they said it would take.

The AA van soon arrived and took out the space saver tire and replaced the severely injured one.

We were soon back on the road and heading homeward bound. Only back roads this time as the tire meant a limited speed and the roadways.

Glenn was a trouper to drive through this very long day and get us all home safe and sound!

Day 8: Richmond Day of Exploring

The next day was a day of tire repair / replacement for Glenn. Shortly after breakfast he secured a place that had the tire he needed and was off to get the car in proper order once again.

Gwen, Sandra, Dan and I decided to do the hike to Easby Abbey once again. It was a good day, with even more discoveries.

Once back at the village, we headed to the old railway station for a tea, courtesy of Sandra! This building has been completely redone and is home to art galleries, cinema, a bakery and tea shop. All excellent.

On the way back top the house, we decided to stop at the coop. Dan was then going to take the groceries back to the house, and Sandra, Gwen and I were going to do the tour of the Edwardian Theatre. Long story short, Sandra went MIA, Gwen and I after much looking, went back to the house for a quick bite off lunch and then back into town to find Sandra. She was there at the theatre just ending her tour! An amazing little theatre, reflecting everything as it was when it was built!

After that, we headed back to the house to get ready for a roast lamb dinner. Sandra was to join us at 6:00 and the feasting would begin! Little did we know that she would again treat the crew to a sampling of goodies including this massive box of locally handmade chocolates!

(Ps, I stuck in a few Ferrero Roche eggs to fill in the gaps for the picture!). Needless to say, a good time was had by all!

Day 9: Farewell to Sandra and a couple of short walks!

This morning Sandra met us at the door with all her gear. Glenn had offered to drive her to the Darlington Station and of course we all went along for the ride!

Gwen and I had fixed a lunch with plenty of snacks to see her at least part of the way home (probably a good 12 hours through Edinburgh, onto Inverness and then a train north to Golspie!). Until we meet again dear lady!

Once we saw Sandra safety on her way, we were off to catch one and possibly 2 short hikes before the rain caught up to us.

Our first hiked took us along the Swale river between Reeth and Grinton. A lovely pastoral walk, where the deep dales help to define this Yorkshire landscape.

The skies were menacing, but we managed to stay dry. We even had a visit in the old Norman church in Grinton, St Andrew’s, where this Sunday they were to have a blessing of the lambs to honour the end of the lambing season!

When this hike was over, we decided it was time for lunch, so we explored the Burgoyne Hotel 1783. This was of particular interest as this general was a distant ancestor of mine, who fought and lost during the war of independence at Saratoga Springs. Anyway, the hotel was lovely, as was the lunch!

Lunch was done and we thought we might just push the weather and head further up the Dale to Muker and do the walk there.

This was spectacular, taking up to the top of the Dale and past a series of stone barns built to protect the cattle from the harsh climate of this part of the country.

The vistas were beautiful!

We even saw some dancing sheep!

Once we had done our highland loop we descended down into Thwaite and along the Swale back to Muker. Spectacular walk especially as we were trying to out run the rain at this point!

Just as we got into Muker the rain started. Safe int he car, we headed for home and a warm supper and easy evening!

Tomorrow, off to Harrogate!

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  1. You had amazing weather so far. All the blue sky peaking though.

    And Sandra treated you right with bare necessities after these long days outside.


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