Day 34: Chitwan National Park to Pokhara

Our driver was picking us today to drive us from our hotel in the park to Pokhara. We sincerely hoped that he had done the necessary repairs to his tire so that we at least would have a spare to see us through!

Our journey started out smoothly. We headed through the various villages as we moved towards the main highway towards Pokhara. Our journey was about 130 Km’s, but took around 4.5 hours. You can guess: condition of roads, slow moving traffic and bicycles in the motorway, lots of blind curves as we negotiated the various river valleys along the way. I took a few pictures, but from the backseat of a small car where the window does not go down and the windows are darkened…they are a little lacking!

A very overcast morning as we prepared to leave. Warm river and cool nights yield lots of misty fog.
A typical village as we went through the countryside.
An air filling station where our driver prepped the tires for highway (2 lane) driving!
One of the many valleys we drove through. More like on the edge of the cliffs around! Luckily I picked a photo that shows guardrails!
Rustic living on the edge of the road! The price you have to pay for a great view!!!
Travelling through a small town on the outskirts of Pokhara.

Our dear driver even picked a rest stop that had clean (albeit stand-up) washroom. Any port in a storm as they say!

We soon reached our hotel. We are staying at the Temple Tree in the Lakeside area. A lovely retreat for our last few nights!

Our final room abroad on this trip.
Some of the many flowers found on this property. A lovely oasis in the middle of the city! And yes, the weather is still much warmer than it is back home in Canada!

Once we settled, we went to the hotel dining room and had a light lunch and then headed off to explore the area where we are staying. I must say this is Kathmandu “light”. The bustle and shops of Kathmandu, but the lakeside road is paved, therefore not throwing up the same amount of dust. There are actually sidewalks, and it’s pleasant to walk outside and not be affronted with the dust and fumes of Kathmandu.

The main drag in the Lakeside area of Pokhara.

We walked much of the length off the main drag, and then headed down towards the lake itself. Just beautiful scenery, even though the weather was still a little hazy.

A view of the many boats you can hire on Phewa Lake. You can just see the peace pagoda on the top of the hill in the centre.

On the way back to our room, we managed to buy a couple of bottles of Gurkha Beer, and decided to enjoy one while on our deck patio.

Kicking back after a long day!

We just got a call from the front desk, and the tour / hike that we thought was the day after tomorrow is actually booked for tomorrow. We are heading off to the Peace Pagoda for the sunrise, and hopefully can catch a glimpse of Annapurna from that special spot!

Given that we will be meeting our guide at 5:45, it will be an early evening for us both. Until tomorrow!

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  1. Nice to see flowers in late November; as I write this I know you are now home where the only flowers are indoors but what a way to extend your summer in 2019!


  2. A great travelogue about Nepal. 😊


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