Day 35: Pokhara and the Bumtikot Trek

The alarm woke us today at 5:15. With clothes laid out, we needed only a few minutes to get dressed, and actually had time for some coffee before we went down to meet the guide. Dan had saved a couple of pieces of piazza from the night before, so he was able to have his favourite breakfast! Good thing, because when we went down to meet the guide there had been a mix up, and no packed breakfast was available for us. Oh well…I always carry trek bars, and we were just fine!

The drive up to the lookout point rivalled the most scary drives we had been on in Bhutan. At some points the driver was trying to take his jeep up a hill, and the tires were spinning…and no, there was no snow, just moist dust on rocks and a very steep incline! Thankfully, we didn’t meet any cars or bikes coming he opposite direction!

A sample of the kind of road we were trying to get up!

We finally got to the top of the hill. Quite a bit higher than I thought we were going as we had a significant hike down to the Peace Pagoda!

We climbed to the top of an observation tower and tried to see what we could see. The fog had taken over most of the valley and sky, but we could faintly make out the mountains.

The peak on the middle right hand third of the pic is Macchapuchhare at 6997m. To the left is Annapurna I at 8091m. We caught a few clearer glimpses as we watched, but then they were overtaken with fog! Doesn’t look like the forecast for tomorrow is much better!
View to the Peace Pagoda ( the white dot on top of the middle hill) and our next stop!

We started hiking down some stone steps made very slippery with the morning dew. Our guide and his wife took good care of us!

Stairs and path leading down to the Pagoda.
A pretty farm with a beautiful view of the valley below!
Giant bamboo growing alongside the path
A Sacred Boddha tree. Look at the roots weaving in and our of the stone wall.
A slight climb, before we headed down once again!
A beautiful valley view of the Pagoda to reward us!

Soon we were there. Our approach actually was from below the Pagoda, and then a short climb up to the steps themselves. What a beautiful creation for the purpose of world peace!

The World Peace Pagoda
The first bhudda statue, from Japan
The second Bhudda statue
The third Bhudda statue
The fourth and final Bhudda statue

Dan and I walked around the pagoda three times clockwise, as our guide Kenchu had taught us! World Peace is such an inspiring purpose to our prayers this day!

We soon left the pagoda, and headed down to a restaurant near the Pagoda. Refreshed with our various teas and coffee, we were ready for the rest of the trek!

The valley was still hazy, but the flowers were brilliant!
And the steps were just slightly less treacherous!
Always time for a photo op!
Here’s a shot of our guide and his wife. This guide has done Everest twice, but his favourite trek is a new one calle Pekupek. I have his contact if you want to try a easy – medium 5 – 7 day trek that gives you views of the entire Nepalese High Himalayas!

We finally made it down to our boat launch rendezvous. We took a very interesting paddle boat that looks like it could hold 6-8 people on top of the peddler!

I just love these paddle boats! Maybe a ride in one is in my future!
Dan tucking away my poles while I take photos!

We got into our boat, and our guide dechided he wanted to peddle as well! Not sure if our driver was great full or not!

Driver on the left, and our guide on the right. A big boat to peddle!

Our trip across the bay to the Lakeside area in Pokhara was serene. A few boats on the water,

A determined soul paddling back across the lake for another fare , no doubt!
Just waiting to carry someone across the water!

Once on shore, we said our goodbye’s to our guide and headed off to find some brunch. We had read about a place called Metro that had 30 kinds of crepe’s! I think one of those would be in my future!

Coffee bar at Metro. I opted for a ginger and honey tea…lots of fresh cut ginger and local honey…just delicious for my sore throat (Yes, I think the pollution and the air fresheners are finally getting to me!)
My crepe of ham, egg, tomato a, spinach and cheese. Absolutely superb!

After brunch, we headed off to find a pharmacy. Dan had come down with a bit of a cold, and cough, so wanted to get something for it. I, on the other hand, choose between what I’ve brought and honey, lemon and ginger…to each their own!

Back at the room, we had a brief nap to recover somewhat from our early morning (Dan’s maybe not quite as brief, but I had blogs to get out anyway!). We’re now enjoying a Gurkha beer while we read / relax on our patio…tonight, maybe happy hour lakeside and then a lovely dinner at the MoonDance cafe!

Time to head out, and we decided to go down to Mike’s at Lakeside for a Happy Hour drink.

Dan in his glory. Beer and some nacho snacks!

This lake is so peaceful!

Found a fun tat shop with a sense of humor on our way to dinner!

So true!

finally we made it up to MoonDance Cafe. Th emend was extensive, and we chose a tandoori BBQ skewer for 2. Absolutely delicious!!!

What a feast we had this night!

Well fed, we headed back to our hotel. Tomorrow was a free day. We thought we might visit a couple of museum’s in Pokhara. The most important thing is that we don’t need to set an alarm! that being said, it’s time to sign off! Until tomorrow!

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  1. We are safe to assume that the breakfast pizza had no pineapple on it! Loved the look of that crepe you had Pat. And the Peace Temple looked phenomenal; some great photos!


  2. There’s nothing like a calm morning with reading one of your blogs – especially in these crazy times.


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