Day 32, 33, Carcross, and Atlin Lake

I was up around 1, but it was too cloudy for northern lights.  Went back to bed and woke up refreshed and ready for the day.  When Dan went outside he described the weather perfectly… day day day!  A little overcast, but clear.

We left our lovely campsite and drove into Carcross, named for Caribou Crossing. A lovely historic little town that was mostly shut down for the past couple of years because of Covid-19. The visitors centre was cute and we got some great advice on our next couple of days.

Lovely square next to the Visitor’s Centre in Carcross (which is derived from Caribou Crossing!)
One of the few shops that was open!
Social Distancing Sign, Yukon Style!

When we left town we made a quick stop at the aboriginal community centre, amazing totems! And then drove through their desert ( sand dunes, not unlike PEC!) and on through Tagish. About an hour an a half later we arrived in Atlin.

Indigenous Community Centre with hand carved totems

Laundry was a top priority and they had a lovely laundromat!  It also had coin operated sparkling clean showers!!  After lunch I indulged in a lovely hot shower while waiting for our clothes.  They also had quite an extensive lending library at the laundromat!  Clearly a public centre!!

We had lunch at the coffee shop beside the gas station across the road and were amazing at the extensive and exotic lunch menu! It was delish!! While waiting for the laundry, I took a little stroll throug the village.

The Tarahine, a ferry that took folks from the US side of this lake to Allin
Some of the old buildings sported lots of character!

Once laundry was done we jumped in the camper and headed south of town ( or do we thought) about 20 kms to our campsite. When the road got narrower and narrower, we happened upon a couple walking and we asked if we were getting close to Warm Bay campground. The gentleman replied,”you are absolutely incorrect!”. We needed to turn around go back to town snd then get the turn off for Warm bay! It took us another hour to get there, and we were worried that we wouldn’t get a site as there are only 5!

When we arrived there was only one other party, and we had the pick of the remaining sites. We chose one right next to the water! We got ourselves settled, scoped out the campsite and then made our dinner. We looked and looked, but there was no place to pay, nor any sign expecting us to!

Our first site

It had been a long and productive day, and we sat with drinks in hand and toasted our great fortune to be camping in this little piece of Heaven!  Until tomorrow, stay safe!

Day 33, Atlin Lake, Warm Bay

Again,  looked out the window to glimpse north at 1 am, and the overcast sky blocked any northern lights that I would see!  A slight rain started around 5 am, only to end a few minutes later.  We let ourselves sleep in a bit as it wasn’t a travel day, and by the time we were up at 8, our neighbours had left!

When I went for my morning constitutional, I check out their site and not only was it huge, it was gorgeous!  We had the RV moved by 9!!

New site, larger with a hand carved bench from a single log!
Welcome sign on the tree of this site! Did I mention there was no charge for camping here??
View from our site… there were a few of these “inspirational” signs on trees around the site as well.

We had a quick breakfast, I set bread for English muffins and we were off on a hike.  Really, just up the road another 3-4 kms to check out “The Grotto”.  This is where we could go for fresh spring water if we needed it, and it also had 3 campsites for those looking to drive close to the Provincial Park ( campsite there accessible by boat only).  A cute spot… a little buggy, but lovely winding spring.

View of the Lake from warm bay, just metres from our campsite
Heading up the road towards “The Grotto”
“The Grotto”, a spring fed fast moving stream that provides clean drinking water.

On our way back down the road we counted 4 bear scats! Never a great sign!  No worries though, we had lots of bear spray.  At least we’d be well seasoned for him!!

Not far from our campsite we saw a small clearing with maybe one campsite that had a warm spring bubbling out of the ground.  My guess it the water is about 80-90F at the source.  Not hot, but warmer than the lake for sure.  The spring and the little stream were all surrounded with brilliant green watercress.  So serene!

Down stream from the “hot spring”. The watercress flourished!
You can just see the hot spring bubbling up in the middle of the pond.

About 200 m further we came to a small bay “warm bay” that we supposed is named for the warm spring that flows into it!  Since our campsite was only a 100 m further we gathered drift wood from the beach for our campfire.

Almost back at Warm Bay. The spring flow along the right side of the road until a culvert emptied it into Warm Bay

Back at our site, we had lunch and readied for the rest of our day. The sun was starting to come out, but still not very warm… maybe around 16-17C. We thought we might like to kayak, but we felt we’d be too cold out on the water. It was nice at the picnic table though, so I decided to do some plein air painting… very relaxing, and what a view to work with!

Mountain scene from our campsite
Another angle taking in the golds of the tundra floor

Dan built us a lovely afternoon fire and we enjoyed some cards and an isotonic beverage. And then it was time to form the English Muffins!  

Getting a cozy fire going

With that job done, I started in on dinner, and then back at the muffins for the cooking stage. We’ll have 9 to take with us to Kluane in a couple of days!

delicious fresh bread!

Chores done, we played some more cards and made plans for our next day.  We will be heading back to Whitehorse for an overnight before handing our RV back.  It’s been such a joy, we’ll really miss the flexibility it gave us!

A family of red throated loons coming by to welcome us.
Evening on the Atlin Lake

Well, time to sign off. Until tomorrow, stay safe!

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