Day 33, Whitehorse (Again)

I awoke around 7 am, after another fruitless attempt at seeing northern lights.  The sky was blissful.  What a paradise we have found here.  Many invitations around the site to enjoy, yet no where could we find a charge for our stay!

One last look at our slice of paradise!

We regretfully left around 9:30 to head back towards Whitehorse and the Caribou RV park where we had our reservation. Rated #1 in the Yukon, yet it is still an RV park… some trees, but sites are close. We do have electrical and water, so we could microwave our soup for lunch for today. The site also includes 250Mb per person for wifi. We discovered after 30 minutes, between updates that automatically download and a few pictures uploaded, we had used up our allotment! I needed to upload my photos as my phone is yelling at me, so for $36 I was able to procure 10 Gb… should be enough! (NB, don’t pay extra for wifi capacity, between the very slow speed and poor connections i got about 20 of 380 photos uploaded!)

After showers, laundry and lunch we headed into Whitehorse for the rest of the day.  First stop, the Beringia Centre.  What an interesting place.  Did you know camels originally were from North America and crossed the land bridge to Asia?

Some of the wild and wonderful animals found here.
Dan standing beside a relative of our beaver…skeletal remains confirm this giant beast!
Some beautiful artwork found around the centre

From here we went into the Visitor’s Centre once again to get some info on camping in Northern BC as well as to look into the SS Klondike. We had toured the smallest river boat, the SS Keno in Dawson and wanted to have a look at the largest to paddle the Yukon River. We were too late for a tour but we managed to peek in the first floor at least.

SS Klondike, moved both cargo and passengers on the 2.5 day voyage to Dawson City
Inside the lower level of the SS Klondike

From there we had a lovely dinner at the Klondike Rib and Salmon Saloon.  The oldest building in Whitehorse!  Delish!!

The rib and salmon skewer combo…enough for 2 meals!

We returned to the RV Camp and began the mental and physical process of packing and organizing for the RV return tomorrow. Dan  Power washed the outside of the vehicle as I cleaned the inside… the joys!

Once back at the site we settled down with some reading before bed. It’ll be hard to transition back to camping from the luxury of an RV! But we do a gentle transition to an oTENTik. Until tomorrow, stay safe.

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