Day 9, Cornwall

We had a lazy start to our day…still getting laundry done with a very small capacity washer, and then hang dry. Not the giant loads you can do in NA, but at least we have a washer!!!

We originally thought we would do the Eden project, but our lovey host Sue suggested that we do outdoor stuff today as rain is forecast to come in the next few days. We then decided to do Lizard Point. Focusing on the most southerly point in the UK to start our journey north!

A strange angle of our home, showcasing the coffee nook that we have.

What an amazing walk we had. Sunny day and a beautiful 8 K walk along the Cornwall Southern coast. Other then the strong wind we had a blast along the way!

Looking up the coast from Lizard point. The starting point of our walk.
Starting our walk up the coast towards Kynance Cove
Looking back along the trail. If you think you can see Poldark riding his horse here, you’re probably right!
We stopped for lunch along the trail, Overlooking Kynance Cove, a backdrop for the series Poldark.
Kynance Cove
Hawthorn bushes in full bloom, beautiful but deadly!
The Gorse was also if full bloom along the Cornish coast and inland hedgerows!

We took an inland loop back to Lizard point and then on our drive back to our B and B we stopped off at St Agnes Head… mainly because my mother’s name is Agnes, and also, it is a featured place for the BBC filming of Poldark.

A reminder of the tin mining that happened along the Cornish Coast centuries ago.
St Agnes Head and the walking path provided by the National Trust

Time to get back to our lodging for the night. Finish the laundry, make supper and sit back and relax after a big day of hiking! Looking forward to more tomorrow! Until then.

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  1. I loved reading the Poldark saga in my 20s hard to believe that was almost 40 years ago. I didn’t get to watch the series so these lovely views give me a nice visual of the location. Thank you!



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