Day 10, Cornwall – Treban Gardens, Minack Theatre and Lands End

We are expecting some rain coming in for a few days, so we got up and got an early start while we still had the sun shining. This might be the last morning at least where we can enjoy the outdoors!

We headed out to the Treban garden recommended by our host Sue. She indicated that all of Cornwall’s south coast gardens are lovely because of a particularly favourable climate. If we had to pick one, this should be it! So off we went!

The Treban Garden lies about an hour south of us. We arrived about 10 am…just after they opened and were welcomed by the most friendly staff! The garden is a magnificent space to explore including a lovely stream and valley with many ponds. What makes it a particularly special place is that this is where 7,500 American group boarded their landing craft and headed over for the D Day invasion. You’ll see some of the concrete poured to support the tanks and other landing equipment for this operation.

A beautiful view from the entrance looking through the garden valley to the ocean beyond.
The Camelias were in blossom along with the Rhododendrons. What show offs!
A view of the beach at Trebah. You can just see what’s left of the concrete slabs used for loading men and equipment.
It will take sharp eyes to spot the monster in the pond!

Next on our tour was a quick stop in Penzance to walk ( and have our lunch on the promenade. This included a beautiful view of St Michael’s Mount, a remote castle and chapel ruin connected to the mainland via an isthmus which can only be walked during low tide!

An example of the treacherous single track lanes that Dan was negotiating much of the time along this remote coastal area. (He’s was backing up as I took this picture…not overly pleased that I was blocking his side mirror!)
The seaside promenade in Penzance. I didn’t see any pirates, but you can just see St Michael’s Mount in the background to the right hand side.

After lunch we headed along to coast to the Minack Theatre. A truly magical place with an outdoor theatre painstakingly build “by hand and a bit of dynamite”. This theatre is the brainchild of Rowena Wade, who in the 1920’s wanted to have a place to perform plays. She worked tirelessly with her gardener through into her late 80’s to continue to build of a venue of her dreams. And yes, the show goes on rain or shine! One interesting tidbit that one of the staff shared with me was that during Covid when London Theatre was shut down, they could actually hold live theatre here because they could allow for the 2 metres distancing. The open air part certainly helped as well. The calibre of talent that came to perform was astounding!

An extraordinary view looking both down on the stage and on towards the beaches and bluffs. What an experience!
This view shows a small part of the gardens which are absolutely stunning. The surprising part is that many of the plants come from much more tropical Climates…South Africa, the Canary Islands etc. this place, I am told, does not get frost!
Just look at this exotic Scilla, I believe it’s from Peru! Apparently a member of the hyacinth family.

From the Minack Theatre, we completed the southern and western tip by visiting Lands’ End. The most westerly part of Britain. A little more commercialized than Lizard point, but beautiful vista’s nonetheless.

We Made it to Land’s End…now off to John ‘o Groats at the far northern end of the line…apparently, Bill Bryson has something to say about this!!
The Sign Post that signifies the most westerly point of England.
And here’s Dan pointing the way back to Canada! It will be a bit of a swim for him!

We thoroughly lucked out with the weather today. Although huge clouds threatened, nothing dampened our spirits as we went about on today’s adventure. We timed our arrival home just perfectly as a few drops pressed down on us as we turned in our driveway! Well, onto dinner and a well deserved rest. We’ll see you tomorrow, until then!

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