Day 11, Cornwall, The Eden Project and Fowey

The day was as promised. A little drizzly, so indeed a good day to spend the bulk of it indoors.

Our first stop was to the Eden Project. We got an early start because dear Sue, our host, recommended a lovely bakery enroute that may have some lovely scones to take away… They didn’t have any scones, but they had some incredible sweets and croissants. We ended up getting a couple of cinnamon buns (look more like a cinnamon flakey pastry) and a couple of chocolate chip cookies. Da Bara bakery, St Columb is a definite must do on your travels!

We left there and began heading towards our destination, but we were actually going to arrive over an hour early! Luckily, enroute we saw a sign for a Screech Owl Sanctuary and decided to check it out. What an incredible little place. Dan and I were able to peruse the path along which they had a variety of owls and small other raptors. They either rescue them or breed them. (Although the rescue part has been put on hold throughout the high risk period of the bird flu…it appears they are almost ready to restart this program once again)

We had just enough time to take in the flight demonstration in their barn. With only a few people joining us it was amazing! We saw three birds in total there. A Eurasian eagle-owl was the first to show off his flight skills. “Joe” was an adolescent at 14 years of age weighing in at a little over 4 lbs. Females of the same species can weigh in as much as 14 lbs!

Joe, the Eurasian eagle owl was large and swift. His super power is brute strength. Females have been know to “dispatch” young deer. With little oil on its feathers its flight is virtually silent.
This kestrel was fast. It’s superpower is its ability to hover. They have extraordinary eyesight that allows them to see even ultraviolet light helping them to find prey at a great height. Their cousin the Peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on earth with flight speeds exceeding 200KPH!
This gorgeous barn owl has a super power of hearing. The saucer shape of its face creates audio enhancements that allows it to hear its prey’s heartbeat under the straw.

We literally ran out of the sanctuary to get back into our car and over to The Eden Project before our booked time expired. This project constructed in an abandoned ceramics clay pit is now a living theatre of plants, truly a global garden. They are are an educational charity and social enterprise all in one. Their two huge biodomes create additional climate areas where they can specialize in either Mediterranean climate or that of the Rainforest.

This incredible property with two biodomes and a great deal of outside gardens, you could get see the world on vegetation here.
My first time seeing Jasmine in bloom in the Med Bio Dome. The fragrance was beautiful!
Walking along the roof of the rainforest in the Biodome. Amazing the heights of the trees here…and the sway of the rope bridge one Dan started to walk on it with me!!!

After a trek through the world of plants it was time to get some lunch. Sue had recommended a charming coastal town called Fowey. We headed there and wandered to streets until we came to Sam’s Fowey restaurant, specializing in seafood. It was indeed wonderful!

Dan and I enjoyed a local Cornish Beer – Sam’s Lager!
Who could choose from these delectable specials!?
I couldn’t, so I opted for the Seafood Feast! Mussels, scampi, tempura battered Calamari and pan fried Sardines… with a small salad it was delish!
A quaint little street in Fowey…not for the faint of heart drivers!
Overlooking the beautiful harbour at Fowey.
Another look at this beautiful harbour.

After a delicious lunch and local beer we wandered the streets a bit before getting back in the car for the trip home. On the way, we stopped in a recommended green grocers that has a fresh fish counter where I bought us some fresh plaice for our dinner tonight.

Dinner was delicious. We had the cinnamon bun for dessert….Suffice it to say, we may need to visit this bakery once again!

Da Bara Bakery Cinnamon Bun…addictive indeed!

It’s been another great day in Cornwall! Looking forward to sharing tomorrow’s adventure with you. Until then!

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