Day 10, Lion’s Head to White Bluff

Last night we enjoyed much better weather than was promised.  We put the tarp up over the picnic table and we’re ready with shelter should we need it.  It was even clear enough the enjoy our meal by the fire!

When we went to bed, there was rain and thunder in the forecast.  With that kind of forecast I found it hard to sleep soundly… Every time I heard the wind pick up, or some drops on the tent I thought, “here it comes!”

I finally got up around 7, and laid back down in the hammock for 15 minutes or so ( great for the back after a restless night on the hard ground)… Then I felt a drop of rain!  I quickly got up and took down the hammock, then proceeded to make our morning coffee ( French press, of course!) which makes everything better!    

Today was going to be a special day because Jocelyn and Jeff were on their way to hike with us for the day.  A lovely break from our normal traveling duo!  Joce texted to say they were a couple of hours away! So onto breakfast, and then when the rain stopped ( yes it poured) we managed to break camp!

They arrived in good time and we were soon off with our gear to our next campsite at Lion’s Head.   Then from there we transferred the cars to the parking spot at the end of the trail… Then back to the campsite to begin our trek.We planned a shorter trek today, saving Lion’s Head for tomorrow when we weren’t repositioning our campsite!  Only about 10 km or so when all was said and done, with some lovely roadside walking which provided a great reprieve for my weary bones!!

through the campsite we went passing the marina and a lovely beach!  Then as we turned off the groomed trail we found this massive cave!

Just another day on the trail these days!

The lovely thing about having Jocelyn and Jeff was not only their company, but their conversation.  After 6 or 7 days on our own, it’s lovely to hear the news and have some new topics to discuss!  Of course, we had to solve almost all the problems of the world.  It’s a heavy responsibility, but we were up for the challenge!

We found some interesting sites and views from our road walk.

With a bench that was calling our name!!!

After 2 or 3 km on the road we turned into the woodland trail to give our guests a taste of the real Bruce Trail!

The rock floor continued to open up before us! I was glad we weren’t doing a longer trek after last nights rain…it could have become quite slippery!

There was, of course, lots of poison ivy along the way as well… But you already know that’s going to be a common occurancy here nowadays.  

When we came to the lookout, we decided to stop for a snack/ lunch, and a photo op of course!

From here we backtracked to our cars, then headed into town to the local pub for our isotonic beverages, and a little snack!  So much fun!  Thanks Jocelyn and Jeff for coming out with us today!  It truly was a treat!

Now onto more mundane tasks, like setting up the tent, after drying it out in the sun!! Then onto groc shopping, and finally Dan went for firewood as I prepared supper.  

As we sit back end enjoy our glass of wine before dinner, we contemplate the beauty and the challenge of tomorrow’s hike.  This is the view of the Pennisula that we will be hiking around.  Looks pretty nice from here… Tomorrow will tell.

Well it’s off now to finish supper, and then see it I can find enough power to prep my iPhone for tomorrow’s photos.  Have a great evening everyone!

Categories: Bruce Trail 2016 - A True Canadian Trek!


  1. HI Pat and Dan. Love the bench shot! you both look like you are holding up well. Must be the wine!


  2. What a great day! Bonus 2 for 1 deal…catching up with two of my favourite people while hiking a stunning piece of the great Bruce trail! Thanks Pat and Dan for allowing us to tag along and for showing us how it’s done. Jeff and I had a wonderful time. Enjoy tomorrow’s big hike around Lion’s Head and your remaining days to Tobermory. High skies and happy trails! Love Jocelyn and Jeff.


  3. What a wonderful day you have had. Glad you have company – always nice. Pictures and comments are outstanding as always. Thank you for sharing them. Enjoy your day. You are doing well to avoid all that poison ivy – keep that up! Have fun.


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